And... Look what I just discovered on my camera!


However it only seems to be accurate when the rear extension is not extended, and the front extension focusing knobs are not extended either, so I guess it's useful in certain certain circumstances but it's poorly placed, it's also not accurate to the actual distance, but rather to where you can view the distance, what I mean by that is obviously as you can see there is a piece of plaster sticking out from further than the actual lens board area, so that number seems to correspond with the actual lens for distance from the film plane, not the actual physical distance from the number markings to the film plane.

Either way it's handy to have in a pinch, so long as you realize that it doesn't account for the front and rear extensions.

It's also poorly placed, it could've added some kind of track system on the side that would've made a lot more sense, but at least it's a start!