Quantaray 28-70mm F3.5-F2.5 Zoom for Pentax K. This is new and boxed, never used. Despite being new I've managed to misplace the front cap! I'll try to find the original or a good substitute before shipping it if you buy it. $42 plus shipping

Quantaray QB-350A auto/manual bounce flash in nearly new condition. These are still sold new for $50. The condition is excellent and it works great. $15 plus shipping

Case for Pentax Soft Case for ME, ME Super, MG & MV1 Cameras. This is new-old-stock and boxed. This nicely made case will fit many other small 35mm cameras (it slips on). $7 plus shipping

Rokunar adjustable plastic film developing reel. Adjustable to 35mm, 126, 127, 120, and 220 film sizes. Measures 3.75" (95mm) in diameter. New, boxed. $7 plus shipping

Beseler 120/620 film loader for Kindermann film reels. New, box. $15 plus shipping

Film canister opener tool. New. Opens 35mm film canisters in a manner that does not destroy them so they can be reused. Nice item. $8 plus shipping

Film cutting guide for bottom loading Leica (and compatible) rangefinders. Similar to the Leica ABLON, but much cheaper. New and very hard to find! $30 plus shipping

Metal lens cap for 77mm threaded lenses. Very nicely made machined large anodized metal cap from Japan. Use this to protect your best large lenses. $9 plus shipping

Post are welcome, but if you need any items please PM or email me. Thanks! - David