Since I posted in the original darkroom portrait thread, I've moved and built a new darkroom. I posted these over on LFF so I thought I'd post some updates here as well...

The first series of pics shows the wet side with 16' of sink that I built and lined with PVC. I made these for the previous darkroom and re-installed them in the current one. They've held up pretty well over the years. I keep the Jobo processor at one end.


I also have a Kreonite 30" processor for RA-4 that I got for free. I only fire it up when I want to run 30"x40" RA-4 prints. 20x24 and smaller get run through the Jobo.


The dry side is in an adjacent room connected by an open doorway. I have four LPL enlargers wall mounted which frees up lots of counter space plus makes a much more rigid mount. Two are set up with 4x5 mixing boxes one for color and one for B&W. The other two are set up with medium format mixing chambers one for color and one for B&W.


For my 8x10 format I have a Durst 2501 horizontal enlarger with a 4'x4' easel that is wall mounted. I use magnets to position the paper. What a great machine.


Since most color paper comes in roll form now, I have a wall mounted paper dispenser that comes in very handy.


This darkroom has worked out pretty well and I would only change a few things if I were to do it again.