In June of this year my wife and I went and visited relatives in Japan, first time for me but my wife was born there. I had the choice of three camera's, 4x5 with film holders, lens and a sturdy tripod, or the Hasselblad with 3 lens and 2 backs and a tripod, and the last option was the Rolliecord that had just been CLA'd. My wife made up the traveling plans and schedule and after lookin the schedule over I figured there would not be a whole lot of time to be fooling around with the 4x5 or Hasselblad as well as dragging our luggage around and visiting relatives. So toke the Rollie and was glad I did, no lens to worry about just a light meter and small tripod and 20 rolls of film. Your situation could be different from mine but this worked out pretty good for me, and as far as missing photo op's for lack of a different size lens there were all ways ample others opportunities that worked out well with just the one normal lens.

If in the future we go back there again, then I might take the larger camera's and len's and get the phot's I passed up the first time.Good luck to ya, no matter what you take it will work out fine I'm sure.