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I'm running low on C-41 bleach. Can someone comment on this bleach for manual development in a small tank?

It's Kodak Flexicolor RA (C-41RA) Bleach Replenisher NR for Color Negative Film. According to the product description, it "requires no mixing; it is packaged ready to use." I realize this is packaged and marketed for labs, so I'm wondering if it works out of the box. It's not a Part A. Thanks.
I've used it, it will work. The RA process has shorter bleach and fix times due to a higher concentration for these steps. It's designed for minilabs that need a fast access time and it's also designed for use in washless systems. The developer is the same as regular C-41. This bleach is ready to use out of the bottle but it's kinda expensive. The bleach III is a better fit for home darkroom use.