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Regular retrofocus SLR wide-angles won't work with macro
Of course they do. Some can be used on short extension tubes or on bellows facing normally or reversed. Others, e.g., the 24/2.8 Nikkor, can be used only reversed. For more details, see Nikon's instruction manual for the PB-4 bellows.

Because they're retrofocus the working distance (lens-to-subject) can never be less than their native mount's register. The downside to using them is that because their pupillary magnification is far from unity the relationship between aperture set and effective aperture depends on the lens' orientation (facing normally, reversed) and isn't as is implicit in my post #3 in this thread and as stated explicitly by ic-racer above. For further discussion, see Lester Lefkowitz' book The Manual of Closeup Photography. For examples, see the PB-4 instruction manual.