I have a Spotmatic, a Spotmatic II and a Spotmatic F. I never really liked the stop down metering or clicking on and off of the stop down switch on the first two cameras. My other M42 cameras include a Chinon, a Yashica a number of Vivitar 220SLs and a Mamiya 500DTL. The Mamiya is probably my favorite. Pressing in the wide lever to stop the lens down is a lot more pleasant. I also get the spot and averaging metering. Now that I think of it I do have some other M42 cameras. I have two Richoh Singlex IIs, a Ricoh TLS 401 and two Ricoh Auto TLS EEs. Recently I started collecting Mamiya SX cameras and lenses. I have the MSX 1000, MSX 500, DSX 1000, DSX 500 and a Sears TLS 1000MX. I think the Sears camera is the same as the MSX 1000. I am not including them in my list of M42 cameras because the SX mount is a little different and allows the SX lenses to meter at full aperture. At some point I should add a Mamiya 1000DTL. The 500DTL has no self timer and is supposed to be more reliable. I have seen pictures of the 2000DTL but never a real one. That would also be interesting to have. The 2000DTL and the Olympus OM4 series may be the only cameras to have a cloth horizontally running shutter a top shutter speed of 1/2000. The Canon F-1, Nikon F2 and Minolta XK cameras all had horizontally running titanium foil shutters.