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Well having read what the majority has to say about this film especially the recent posts then I find it difficult to accept that some would have me believe that Harman is behind this film. This is a company that at great risk to the directors' own financial future, decided on a management buy-out of the defunct Ilford so a death wish for themselves and the end of the company would hardly be high on their list of objectives. The QC that impresses all who go on the tours ( now on tour 4) is hardly a pretence.

Simon Galley,the other directors and other employees I and others have seen and spoken to on the tours never seemed to show any death wish or desire to go out of business, given that it pays their mortgages etc by employing a "devil may care/ cavalier" approach to their products or those produced at Mobberley and its hard earned reputation for quality.

Based on all I have seen and heard at Mobberley and from other APUGers, Harman and this film's defects would seem to have nothing in common.

I submit that a "Not Guilty" verdict on Harman's involvement is the only one that can be reached

I couldn't agree more! From seeing the "fungi" pattern with a loupe I'd say it comes from a place where the was high humidity and poor storage. Like, maybe the Orient? I'd guess China, but could be wrong. I don't believe Harman/Ilford would even give this stuff away for fear of liking this junk film with their good name. I really don't have a problem with PhotoWarehouse selling this film, but I do have a problem with them selling a defective product as one that has "NO" defects. That to me is fraud. JohnW