I keep promising myself no more GAS, and then I see something and stick a silly bid on it, and win it, resulting recently in a minty Zeiss Nettar that looks like it has never been used with all original receipts and paperwork for ~30ish (shutter was completely gummed, but now working fine) and a superb Retina Reflex S (bought as a non-runner, but now working perfectly after a bit of guidance from Chris Sherlock) for 3.60 + postage! The Nettar is a great - my first pocketable 6x6, and the Retina is a mechanical marvel with excellent lenses (I already had 28mm, 50mm and 135mm from my Retina IIIS). I figure by buying these cameras and bringing them back to working order I am doing my bit to keep them alive. Both new acquisitions are in use. Significant other doesn't notice the odd new one any more ;-)