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Not cheap at all considering one must supply their own backing paper, spools and the time and labor to roll it up. Plus a light-tight wrapping.

It is 3/4 the width of standard 120 roll film and just 1.3x that of 35mm.

Ilford/Harman gets off without having to finish and package the film. Even 35mmx100ft bulk has to be perforated.

I am glad to have it but it ain't cheap.
I didn't consider all that, because I have a bunch of paper and rolls leftover that I've saved, I don't have very many maybe four or five that have good paper, the EFKE100, and also maybe another four or five of older stuff like Verichrome Pan that has crappy backing paper.

Still as long as you have at least one piece of backing paper that's from an original 127 roll, you can always just cut out a 120 roll backing paper to match that. And since you can do that in the light, it's not such a big deal.

Anyway any given day I can't see going through for whole rolls of 127 so I'm not too worried.