I still look at my print every day, it just happens to be sitting on my scanner that's why, anyway I think it's funny because I was expecting some kind of critique of my work at some point, and the one that I did of the person who sent it to me was actually quite thorough but also a little demanding and harsh, but i've realized that his image has way more information in it than mine does, mining is a simple color landscape with not a lot of things going on so there's not much to critique actually. I think next time I'm going to have to send something a lot more detailed. Because I don't optically print and only send my stuff off to a light-jet printer to have it chemically processed, I felt as if it made more sense to "be fair" if I simply made a color image that was made from a transparency, this way the image normally wouldn't have been easily printable anyway, versus a black-and-white image which could theoretically be done with an enlarger. I think next time if I'm still not set up with a dark room, which I know I won't be, I'll send a black-and-white image anyway even if it has to be like jet printed by Dwayne's photo because it will have a lot more detail and things going on. My color stuff tends to be less elaborate and more "pretty" skylines etc.

I don't know why am telling you all this, except that it was on my brain and I just needed to spit it out.