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If no one buys the current stock they won't order new stock and Fuji will kill it all off due to no demand.

Then you will be crying, wishing you could at least buy Velvia 100F in 4x5. But no luck. It will be gone. All gone.

Ilford and Kodak won't be there to help you. You've got basically one game for 4x5 color transparencies.
Well Ferrania will be making some soon (supposedly) but it's the Velvia100 I'm after, and I just bought a box now. I was more just annoyed that B&H didn't understand that they were two different films, and that they wouldn't purchase the other type since they had so much stock of the 100 F, which is really stupid. I couldn't explain to them that the two films are very different films even though they have a similar name, the guy just didn't get it.