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We'll, now I'm not feeling so alone. I tried the 120 ISO 100 film in February and discovered that I no longer possessed the skills to spool 120 film onto Jobo and Patterson reels. The challenge was there, and I couldn't resist. But, even after trying four different rolls with the "lights turned on", I couldn't manage it. Either the film base was made of spring steel, or it was petrified from age. But what I really suspect is that the base material was too thick, and the manufacturer used it, and then sold the film it at a reduced price. Whatever the cause, we came to a unanimous decision . . . "Never Again". I simply can't afford repeating mistakes like this.
The sad part is that Photo Warehouse knows about this and plays DUMB. Shame on them! I bought a bulk roll of the ISO 100 35mm film from them at the same time and really like that, but this 120 junk is no good at all. JohnW