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But if you're not wanting to buy a new system, go with the MF for travel unless as I said you have whole days to devote to LF.
Yes, I am doing my best to avoid buying any more systems at the time being... I'd rather build a good, complete set of one MF system and one LF system. Once I have more cash I am planning upgrade from the Busch to a Nagaoka/Anba/Tachihara and to buy a nice set of three or so lenses. I am quite happy with the three lens set on the Hasselblad, I don't lust for any others. I've spent less on my three lens Hasselblad set then it would cost me to get a good condition Mamiya 7 and one lens (remarkable, really, how cheap you can obtain deluxe MF SLR equipment for).

I will have full (8+ hour) days to devote to photography, but it certainly won't be every day of the trip. I have to say, I partially convinced myself to buy into Hasselblad over Mamiya or Pentax because I thought it would be a better system to take on trips, so I might feel a twinge of guilt if I didn't bring it. After a lot of thought, I think I'll axe the 250mm if I bring it, even though I *know* I will want it a few times. That being said, my girlfriend has lodged a vote for Pressman, and I would hate to disappoint her...

I think I will test pack for each set and see how each feels. Or maybe processing my most recent shots with each tonight will bring some light onto the matter.