So I picked up another Nikon FM in the bay for a mere $16 (shown right.) The meter works, advance lever is smooth, speeds sound accurate etc. They are now known affectionately as "the sisters". There's only 3400 between their serial numbers (both 2xxxxx series.)


The only thing to note was the winding knob. I noticed it didn't lay flat like my original one. Then I figured out it was the screw in the middle, it was sticking up a little. So I grabbed the fork and screwed it out a little until it was flat. This allowed the crank to lay flat. (Old on left, new on right)


But when I did that, it caused a small gap right above the film fork. My guess is that this has been repaired previously and replaced with a slightly larger one.


Do any of you think this will cause a problem? I'm going to run some film through it this weekend to check light seals etc.