It's fun to watch these threads -- a seemingly simple question can produce a different answer from just about every respondent. My limited experience with traveling around Europe a bit has taught me a couple of things. One is that if I'm traveling with family members, it's a waste to bring much gear. There's just too many distractions keeping track of what's going on. The second is that traveling on public transit, the less 'stuff' to carry, the better.

If I were headed over there again with family members, I would probably take my Perkeo II with a small pile of B&W film, and the fairly recent high end point&shoot of -- uh -- 'alternate technology' (Canon G15) that I recently acquired (as opposed to a previous dSLR). If the travel effort was a bit less complicated, I might replace the Perkeo with my Yashica 124G. I'm sure I would occasionally wish I had my Bronica SQ-A, but that's quite a handful, especially if one wanted an extra lens or two, or extra back, or finder. No matter what one has at hand, there is always some circumstance that stretches its resources a little.

Methinks it's best to go with a limited selection of familiar gear that can be packed compactly and carried easily, and learn to live with it.

(But that's just me.)