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Hi all,

I am taking a lengthy trip this December/January, leaving the confines of New York for a few weeks in Sweden, Spain and France. While I'll be quite busy with other projects, I am also planning to take a large quantity of photographs during this trip. I'm a bit torn between two camera options, and wanted to get opinions from the masses...

Option A:
Busch Pressman Model 'D'
Wollensak-Raptar 135mm f4.7
6-8 film holders
6x7 back
75 sheets of B&W 4x5 sheet film
10 or so rolls of color 120

Option B:
Hasselblad 500c
60mm CB / 120 S-Planar / 250 CT*
waist level finder, maybe a chimney finder
80-100 rolls of 120, mixture of B&W and color (probably 70% B&W)

Weight/space wise, Option A will be considerably less. I would be likely to bring the same tripod/head with either set. Shooting all 120 will result in a lot more images, as well as the ability to do more handheld shots, but it will also end up exhausting a lot more of my film budget. While color large format work is just out of my budget right now, the 6x7 back opens up the option if necessary. I, sadly, am not able to optically enlarge in my current living situation, so MF is all scanned and archived for future printing. I contact print my 4x5 work.

Maybe I tipped my preference by posting this in the LF forum rather than the MF, but I oscillate back and forth. I do find the idea of documenting Sweden with a Hasselblad novel (I got to shoot Berlin with a Rolleiflex last year and greatly enjoyed it...) but certainly not essential. I could bring the Rolleiflex instead, obviously cutting my weight back a lot, but it is also much more limited and I think I will be doing a lot of landscapes and architecture. The limitation of a single lens bothers me less with 4x5 (and I suppose I could set my mind to getting a telephoto lens to bring as well, but I don't currently own one).

Thanks for any advice and opinions in advance!
Oh If the girlfriend says bring the large-format, then definitely do that, take advantage of it when you can because I know at least from my own personal experience that it's not often they are okay with you bringing the gear that takes longer to work with