I think it's already outstanding, but a perfectionist never finishes. here's some input.

I've recently started a project to print (enlarging) on 42" paper (roll, which i came across inexpensively, albeit rc)... my output would be 42in. x 63in. I've built a faux frame/easel (for $17)

supplies from Home Dep*t

1 1/2 baseboard 17ft ($0.69 per ft)
super glue
12 large washers 14 cents or so each
4 nuts to raise 4 washers to same height as others
12 neodymium magnets 3-4 bucks for tiny ones

The cheapest natural wooden baseboards are light enough to be held together by the super glue. While i am projecting horizontally, you can do so on the floor, or where ever. you might also be able to get away from buying the magnets and just use a large sheet of plexi? or use large strips of the cheaper magnets around the border... (the tiny neodymium ones are really strong by the way).

As for chemicals, I've bought 8" large pvc pipes (diy jobo style) and still do this under safelights since i don't have the light-tight caps like jobo or patterson. I also use a cabinet mesh to separate the paper from itself, always starting out with a water wash before starting any actual chemical process. I also use very diluted dektol and go around and separate the mesh from paper manually as it processes as an extra precaution.

Of course there's always the 'roll through a trough' method, which i don't trust myself with as it involves to much handling of the paper, for this clumsy guy.