Six Roll Film Holders
and One Grafmatic

I've been clearing out some gear over time, and found my box of RFHs. Over time I've used them all, but my photo habits changed and they've been languishing. They're all in good user condition. Descriptions of prices follow.

Please Note: I wait for Paypal to clear to my bank account before shipping; this takes about 3-4 days.

Adapt-a-Roll 620, for 4x5, in box with masks, short dark slide and instructions
$80 or best reasonable offer

This appears to have been hardly used. I bought it with the intention to convert it to 120 size, but never got around to it. (See below for one that I did convert).

It comes with a 620 spool in the take-up position, and a 120 spool in the feed position. Warning: A 120 roll will not fit in the take-up position without modification.

It comes in its original box, with masks to place on the ground glass for Graphic or Busch and Burke and James cameras, instructions and short dark slide for shooting 6x6, all original. In better than excellent user condition.

Kit weighs in at 1 lb 12 oz, so figure 2 lb 12 oz shipping weight from 90027.