I got a couple of rolls of Ektachrome 160T tungsten film three years ago when I got some Kodachrome 25 during its last days. Both the Kodachrome 25 and Ektachrome 160T were from 1993 and supposedly kept frozen the entire time. The Kodachrome turned out flawless. But I forgot about the Ektachrome until recently, and got the urge to shoot it. I would just shoot it and see how it turns out. But unfortunately, I don't have an 85B filter to shoot it in daylight. So I was just wondering if anyone knows what the chances are this film will still be good. Imwouldn't imagine it holds up as well in a freezer as K25. And if it is KNOWN that the film is probably fogged (or otherwise just gone), I would rather not spend the money on a filter that will probably never get any use.