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Hi Dan

I think the moral of the story is not to ask questions that you might feel the need to answer
can you advise on any subject that would be suitable for me to ask about

I am well aware of lens systems such as the Frazier lens which can get an amazing result and I am well aware of the methods used to get there

I was looking for something different hoping that somebody would say a Zeiss this or a Leitz that or whatever has a very good performance when stopped right downpresumably a plastic holga lens will not perform as well as a Zeiss macro under these conditions
it therefore follows that somewhere there is the best design for high stop deep focus work be it a tessar, planar or whatever or maybe just maybe something I don't know about

I do not know what methods steve downer used to get the results in the video i posted I can guess but I don't know

the reason I posted the question in the apug macro section was so that somebody who knows more than me might be able to advise me on my actual question
not so that you can guess at my education

and as for "Troll"

maybe you should look up the definition and think about if it applies to you

Unfortunately, all lenses from all manufacturers obey the same laws of physics.