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hi dan

curmudgeon. good word
seems you and I have some things in common

I know that on paper high stops do not add up
but presumably some lenses are better than others
Well, some lenses are better wide open than others, but stop any of 'em down much and image quality goes away.
it's for a bugs eye view shot but basically
the director wants it shot on a 50mm
it will be similar shots to the video I posted
split diopter a and focus stacking are not an option
the camera will be hand held and basically flown around as if it's a bee or what ever
focus pulling will not be possible
We will probably end up shooting on a 16mm camera with a wide lens stopped all the way down
The shots in the video were all at magnifications (for the close-up subject) smaller than 1:1 and many, as seen in the video, were fuzzy all over. The fuzziness may be due to the steps between the images as originally shot and the video.

Many still photographers have a fantasy to the effect that shooting at low magnification and then enlarging more will give more DoF in the final print than shooting at high magnification and enlarging less. The gains are real but negligible. And that's what shooting on 16 will get you. Still, if you have the time to experiment before shooting for real by all means try it out.

I b'lieve that Oxford Scientific Films shot mainly 16 -- at least the OSF crew I once ran into in Panama did -- and that they sometimes got the effect you're after. I don't know where OSF's doors are, let alone which one to knock on, but if you have the time you might want to ask them what they did.