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...we may end up with people taking digital pictures of photographs (by camera or scanner) and displaying the re-calculated digital results as photographs. That's a deceit I won't buy if I'm going to stand up for photography.
Most who shoot film now are already doing this? But agree with the sentiment. 'A picture of a photograph' is a bit daft, or at least sounds daft.

But worse, and I can imagine this happening in the not to distant future, is Health and Safety™ taking hold. Chemicals... hazardous, hazardous chemicals. I remember my sister licking a family photograph when she was a toddler and my parents panicking, not about the germs from hundreds of fingerprints, but about 'the chemicals'.

When you think about it, you could more easily 'take your eye out' with the edge of a printed picture. Surprised I haven't done it myself in fact...