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I'm with you, Thomas. I think it's the only legitimate reason. For me, film/darkroom gives me a tactile, intimate connection with each, and every, print. I also enjoy the solitude of the darkroom, without the distractions which can occur sitting at a computer. And, that magical feeling when an image formed on the blank piece of paper is just as strong after thousands of times, as it was the first time.
Yes, I can never get enough of the darkroom! I always want to go in there and make prints.

The darkroom, for me, is purpose built. In the dark, with music, there are no distractions. Only the image and I. That way I can focus on my attempt to make that single print perfect without interruption. That is a big part of the beauty of film and darkroom, in my opinion. To create something elegant with big and clunky tools is just the perfect pastime for me.

I'd like to add that I also enjoy the level of care that has to be taken at each stage. Mistakes are expensive, and that really helps me focus intently.