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Delta 3200 is awesome at 3200. If the 3000 speed is what you need, it's great. (As is/was TMZ but D3200 is still made and, best if all, in 120.)

/thread creep, back to Fuji instant

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Haha! Both are great, but the Fuji stuff has a certain look, I said this before and everybody says well you can get the same look by developing the developer differently and blah blah blah, but I'm telling you The Fuji stuff is really beautiful and it's great for modeling, it's actually closer to something like the Eastman Double-x movie stock film (that I'm trying to get special cut in 4x5) in look, just a higher ASA, that higher ASA really allows you to get some of those beautiful window shots where the diffuse light from the sky is coming to the window and the model just glows.

I'm debating whether it's worth spending the money to actually order the 4x5 stuff at $40 a box.

Stupid money!