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I'm not sure I've met someone who I thought was an equipment snob in the film world.
I have, alas, two of them, if by film you mean still photography. Both were Leica fanatics. I'm not sure I've met a motion picture equipment snob, but I started shooting films around the time S8 died and met few other people who shot it. I met the most memorable of them, a German, twice. Once, at Volcan Irazu's summit. There I was with a Beaulieu 5008 on a tripod, when a tour bus came up and disgorged a small pack of Germans, including a man carrying a 6008. I ran into him again several years later in Asuncion. He was in another pack of German tourists, this time carrying a Nizo.

My first first Leicanut friend tore himself apart with indecision. His wife was pregnant (first child), he wanted to shoot home movies of the newborn when it arrived, and he couldn't decide between the top-of-the-line Bauer and Nizo S8 cameras and an S8 Leicina. Leica isn't spelled Bauer or Nizo but Bauer and Nizo made S8 cameras that were more capable than the Leicina. What to do? What do do? He pushed me hard to get a Leicaflex SL; not possible, too expensive. By him, people who bought an affordable Japanese camera instead of bankrupting themselves to buy a Leica were themselves hopelessly second-best or worse. That's me.

The other was a mad psychiatrist, a thread-mount Leica fanatic who thought that only inferior people used other cameras. That's me. He wanted to get the best out of his equipment (there was nothing better than his gear, he said) so shot H&W Control Film and processed it in H & W Control developer. Remember them? Agfa microfilm and a developer for continuous tone that oxidized immediately the ampoule was opened. Naturally he shot hand-held.