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I've shot one pack of the Fuji 3000B. I hate to see it go but I admit about all I could do consistently was get too much contrast.
I think the main problem with the film was it was meant for a completely different thing. The 100 stuff is still actually good for checking before you take a picture with color film, I still use it all the time before I shoot a 4 x 5 transparency. But this other stuff is meant more for shooting in a Polaroid Land camera. And so many people use the smaller format Polaroid land camera's, they don't use them as much and so of the two films the color one was of course purchased more often.

I have seen some really well made images shot with this stuff, but I again I think it's sort of more of a specialty and unfortunately the specialty stuff these days is getting thinner and thinner.

Ironically I would probably shoot the 4 x 5 stuff of the black-and-white way more often than I would the color stuff if I had 2 backs. But the large format transparency work takes precedence over the more fun Polaroid B&W shots.