I have always made it a point to use the absolutely best gear for the intended outcome. I have done this because for me photography has always been my livelihood and anything that gave me a better result easier, faster and more reliably was always of benefit to me. This has not been a particularly cost effective way to work though.

I think the word snob has a connotation that is more about having a sense of superiority because you have better gear. I've seen awesome work done with the worst of gear. A good story about this was one I heard about Irving Penn from a former assistant of mine who later assisted Penn. It seems on his first day working for Penn he noticed in the studio a rickety tripod with I think an old Deardorf on it, Hanging above the set was one of those cheap clamp reflector lights you would buy at the hardware store. He assumed that the light was just a focus light, but when Mr. Penn arrived to work on the set it was that cheap light that was the actual light source for the image. Apparently it had the quality of light that Mr. Penn wanted for the scene.