Right then, here we have a Horseman Convertible in full working order, with a couple of options.

1) You can buy the camera, along with strap, lens cap, 6x7 back etc. as a ready to shoot camera.

2) Or you can choose to add the Zeiss finder, with it's little leather case, and also the screw-on red coldshoe.

The coldshoe is good for clipping on a meter such as a VC II, which is what I used it for. The Zeiss finder is good if you prefer it to the simple frame finder which the Horseman has as standard.

In all honesty I probably prefer the standard Horseman finder, however it is blocked from raising up if you mount a meter, so the Zeiss finder is better if you want to mount a meter.

I bought the whole caboodle for about 750 Euros, and will sell the whole caboodle for 600 Euros, or without the Zeiss finder and hotshoe for 500 Euros.

The finder is a 30mm finder, so it suits the Horseman's 62mm lens on 6x7 almost exactly.

I am now in Australia, so the price in AUD for the whole lot is $850 AUD.

The price for the camera sans finder and cold shoe is $720 AUD.

I will ship in Australia for free, or worldwide for $50 AUD.

I purchased the camera from a shop in Austria which reported that the slow speeds were inaccurate, although they sound fine to me. If you're keen I can send you an audio recording of the 1 second and half second shutter speeds.

Also, note how the wire frame can be pulled away from it's position in one of the photos. To be honest, I don't know if this is a fault or a feature, but it does not change how the camera works.

Email me at taylor.garry@gmail.com for quick response.

I'm not looking to trade for much really, but I expect a Leica M2, M3, or M4 could change that view.