So far I have received nine excellent cards. I’ve been slow in commenting, but hope to catch up here.

piu58-“Steibs Hof”-An impressive edifice well photographed and printed in a way that emphasizes its weight
sly-“Evening at the Cardboard House”-This photo glows. It doesn’t surprise me that sly has an affinity for HIE, given the success she has with lith
mjs-“Be The Art”-Does an excellent job of incorporating energy and movement. Well printed.
TXFZ1-“Pitcher Window”-A very nice contact print of an atmospheric setting
Mark_S-“Locomotive - Niles Canyon Railway”-A strong shot showing intriguing detail
Steelbar-“Olga Store”-Geometrically intriguing, and very well printed
drpsilver-“Krishna”-Draws you in, and makes you wonder. Excellent print
rince-“Beauty”-Another excellent contract print - great impact
anikin-“Taipei Night Market Delights”-The first colour card of the round. An interesting scene printed on interesting media

Nine down, with fifteen to come.

Thanks everyone for participating.