21-1/4" f/10 Wollensak Apochromatic Raptar
$200 or best reasonable offer

This appears to be a lightly used specimen, amazing considering its vintage. The glass is some of the cleanest I've ever seen, with just a bit of speckling around the perimeter of the outside of the front and rear elements that didn't show up until I cleaned it. I believe that this will disappear over time as the moisture leaves the coating, but I have to mention it.

I've also noticed a very few barely perceptible hairline "cleaning marks", and it needs a bit more thorough cleaning, maybe with Equinox. But there's nothing on the glass right now that will affect the image.

The barrel and retaining ring are also in really nice shape, very clean for a print-shop lens that must have seen plenty of use. It doesn't have the usual grime that these lenses tend to exhibit.

Weighs 1 lb 4 oz, so figure 2-1/4 lbs shipping weight from 90027.