I belong to a cooperative art gallery here in Roanoke, Virginia. Every 2 months we hang work in a different section of the gallery. Once a year 2 artists are "featured" for a month, meaning that they get extra publicity, the best display spaces, and the opportunity to discuss their work at a Friday night reception.

My rotation comes up next March, and I want to feature some of the photographs I made in Cuba earlier this year. I would really like to do something different (or more) than show and talk about a few framed and matted prints like I have in the past, and as is the norm for our gallery. I am looking for a way to show up to 12 prints, but in an alternative way. Perhaps smaller than my usual 11x14 prints, to invite closer inspection; maybe even 4x5 contact prints. What I am really looking for is a way to display these (likely) smaller prints without traditional matting and frames.

As I pondered this challenge, I realized that a number of excellent solutions probably reside in the heads of fellow APUGers. So, friends, what say you?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.