I have a Sinar set I don't need. This is one set of rails, 3 standards and 2 backs with 4 bellows, not 2 complete separate cameras.

I got it as a Sinar C 8x10, which I believe means Sinar P rear and Sinar F front. These things are totally modular as you will see. The 8x10 bellows are really good, but do have a couple pinholes, 2 patches and the inner fabric is pulling away in a couple spots. Very hard to find the pinholes with a very bright LED flashlight, easily patched. The bellows has a lot of life in it, supple and clean.

I added a Sinar P front standard to make it fully 'P'. So then it had an extra standard for macro work with 3 standards, 2 bellows. See pics.

I also have a Sinar P 5x7 standard changing set, with almost perfect standard Sinar bellows and separate NOS Sinar bag bellows.

All parts are VGC, everything works, very little sign of usage.

The rear P standard has 1 out of 3 bubble levels still bubbling. The front P has 1 of 1 empty bubble. The F has an excellent bubble! Bubbles available on eBay.

The 8x10 is NOT a metering back, but the 5x7 is a metering back. The rear Standard is the normal 8x10 one, with the 3 dots for each of the 3 sizes, 4x5, 57, 8x10.

Both GG's are clean OE Sinar without the optional fresnels.

I have more pics available.

Full set, includes everything talked about and shown. Ask questions!

Buy it all, full set, $1200 plus shipping.

Or buy only changing sets which are complete backs, without standards or rails and 1 bellows to fit your P or P2 standards. Convert your 4x5 Sinar to bigger.

8X10 changing set $600 plus shipping The back is extremely nice, with the bellows talked about above.

5x7 changing set $500 plus shipping This is almost perfect in all ways.

5x7 bag bellows, 4x5 bellows, 18", 12" extension, P standards, F standard are all only available after other things sell. Meaning the 2 changing sets sell.

If you are local, I have a huge heavy custom wood case, I am not shipping anywhere.

I bet I forgot something!