Now that I am finally getting to a point that I will be able to try out my small stock of Eastman 2718 (aka Stains-All) dye, what is a good stock solution? My plan is to make up a 25ml dropper bottle to use for my experiments. I was thinking about a 1% stock solution in ethanol. Here is my reasoning:

My emulsions almost always use 6g of AgNO3. At a molar mass of 169.87 for AgNO3, that gives 4% of a mole of silver. So if I was to use the dye at, say, 100mg / mole Ag, 6g AgNO3 would require 4mg of dye. (100mg/mole is a starting point. IDK what will actually work but 100mg make the numbers work out easier.)

A 1% solution of dye should contain 10mg dye per ml, so I could use 0.4ml stock solution or about 8 drops.

Sound OK?

-- Jason