At last I developed my first film.

I had to practice over and over again with loading the film inside the bag. Then as I was doing it one of the elastic arm bands bust and I forgot sissors. So I had to retreat an arm making sure there was no direct light path.

I had a water bath with the chemicals ready. The opened fixer someone gave me turned out to have floaters in it so I had to turn to my original query of using Barclay fixer (expired 1996!!!). It was never opened and looked clear so I chanced it. It said 20-40 seconds for any B&W film so I gave it about 40, then rinsed the film inside the canister under the tap for 10 minutes and finalised with a few drops of wetting agent for 2 minutes.

Now up in the bathroom drying and the film clips I got are a great job, they pearce and lock through the film and one of them is weighted.

Even with my amateur eye the negatives look healthy enough. I was using a modern flash on a Pentax ME Super and I just estimated exposure.

I would love to see these. My proposed darkroom is perhaps too tiny (according to Ansel Adams LOL). Is there a way to see the prints without enlarging them? I'm not sure when or if I can get a darkroom running. I'm tempted to get a good scanner (APUG strike me down!) and this would only be to view them, send them around AND show my work here!

I'm really surprised it worked at all given that the fixer was ancient! Very satisfied with my first attempt and I bought Kenco acetate negative storage files for my work. Is it true that you can make a contact print straight through them? These were twice the price of glassine ones.