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I had been taught long ago that final exposure should follow the same series of short exposures as the test strips...ie, for a total exposure of 20 seconds, expose in 5 second increments rather than the full 20 seconds. It seems to me that perhaps the full 20 seconds would be preferable to give time for dodging and burning. What do you do? Thanks.

I've read in a few places that the values of text strips is not exact because of the warm-up time for the bulb. However, since it is just a test strip, I'm not sure of the need to account for this. Has anyone quantified how much less dense the darkest portion of a test strip is compared to a straight exposure for the same nominal duration?

When I am making a fine print, I typically make test prints 1/8 stop lighter and darker than the final target and, after everything has dried completely (overnight, if not longer), I judge whether the target density is what I really want and adjust accordingly.