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large digital slrs have pretty much destroyed the concept of "candid photography" in the news business. Bring out one of those monsters and people automatically perform.

Decades ago the dictum of LIFE photographers was that you had to become invisible -- and with a small Leica or Nikon, both very quiet, you could. It is impossible to do so with a massive lensed DSLR, or even a film SLR, and while they do get a lot of different shots than you can with a small rangefinder, the is an intimacy that is lost. LIFE's brilliant photo story by W. Eugene Smith about a day in the life of a country doctor would have been impossible, or at least a lot harder, to shoot by a photographer loaded down with the usual couple of hulking giant lensed cameras.
Agree with your comments. As an ex-pro who started out when photojournalism was the prevailing influence several decades back, I quit in frustration when the industry shoved digital down our throats. Those first and second generation digi cameras were truly awful. Looking at the excellent W Eugene Smith essay, I would guess all those shots were taken on his Leica using just 35mm & 50mm lenses. An object lesson for those who feel under-equipped without two or three zoom lenses on board.