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I use a metronome as my timer and to make test strips I move a card incrementally to block more and more of the strip. So the "20 second" section of my test strip actually receives a continuous 20 second exposure, as would the final print. So for me this would not make sense. I don't know what others here do...
Exactly what I do.

I also let the enlarger lamp warm up a bit before beginning exposure (halogen lamps in a dichroic head) or use a stabilizer (cold-light). With dichroic heads I hold a card below the lens, switch on the timer/metronome and count off 5 or 10 seconds before beginning my test strip or exposure to at least get the initial warm-up phase behind me before I start the exposure. This I do every time, so any further variance is fairly consistent.

FWIW, I can't imagine trying to dodge using Fred Picker's series of 3-second bursts... I like a continuous exposure.

When using a cold-light head before I had a stabilizer I simply left the thing on for the entire printing session, covering the lens with a cap between exposures so that light stability was not an issue. I only burned out one tube in 10+ years that way.