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Carbon has to be seen in person to really believe. A lot of its charm and charactor comes from the fact that you end up with a 3-d surface of your print. The last prints I made had amazing relief. I'll try to shoot a couple of digitals and post to show what I'm taking about. Stay tuned.

As to food. Lynn just does an amazing job, but photography was the main dish.

The Forumulary will be running (with enough students) the Carbon Printing class next year. Start saving because you want to learn this process. I took a couple of prints into the frame shop to get mats cut and everyone in the shop had to come running to see. They'd never seen anything like them and were amazed.
As promised. Here are the photos and scans of a carbon print. One is a scan of the whole print. I discovered that the scanner kinda freaks with the relief. The other three are some closeup shots that show the relief.