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Thanks for understanding, seriously felt like crappola when I wrote that. Film needs good vibes, regardless of origin.

What ever was not included could very well be done by someone else. I have been sitting on the couch most of the day fighting a cold, I just turned on the Food Network and the aspect of how much the passion in a kitchen resembles the hands on of darkroom work really speaks to me.

If you wanted to really pull people into the magic of the darkroom in a film, a fun and creative way in which to do that would be to produce a duality of a chef and a black and white printer resembling each other. How cool would it be to show John Sexton in his darkroom and Patrick O'Connell kitchen bound in his cow print pants in the same film, doing what they and we love...?
The late Bob Carlos Clarke would have been a great TV Chef/Photographer he was virtuoso of both and no to forget the babes he would have shown in his show :-)
I also agree that someone else could do the things that were not included in the movie I was just a bit astonished that a movie made by lab guys doesn't show the lab that's all the rest is just waxing poetics from me.

+1 for your Idea Kitchen Photographer let's write a treatment and send it to Kodak/Impossible.