Those might work but would require a separate temperature control which I am incapable of MacGyvering without specific (and very simple) instructions.
Don't let my tampering with the ViaAqua lead you to believe I have even a smidgeon of electrical knowledge. I know not to bring a toaster into the bathtub, and that's about it.

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Wayne, go on Amazon and search for an immersion water heater. They are used to heat small pots or cups of water for tea, typically. They have a handle and a curled wire that is immersed. You can get them for less than $20, and they are rated at as much as 1200 watts or even more. Pay attention to the voltage though - some on Amazon are 250v/6 amp devices, you don't want them. And those are more expensive. These latter devices are typically replacement heaters for hot water heater tanks. You can tell these by the lack of a handle, and instead a threaded base. Those are typically 250v devices, but if you find a 110 v device and can fabricate the threaded receiver socket, it would be a more "professional" solution than the little immersion heater.