1917 was when Kodak renamed an earlier company purchase into "Folmer & Schwing Department of the Eastman Kodak Co"

1926 was when this was shunted off in a court ordered fire sale to a holding company "Folmer Graflex Corporation" so from the faceplate it's somewhere in that era.

I went trolling through old manuals (http://www.piercevaubel.com/cam/catalogsekc.htm) which contain some amazing cameras (specialty portrait, naturalist and stereo! varieties) and don't see any mention of this body without the shutter in the box.

Maybe it's a custom build or a custom order item? It would be a simple matter to slice off the shutter and glue the focusing panel back on for a home modification. I have an anniversary era 4x5 that someone did something very similar, sliced off the original spring back and retrofit a graflok so it's not unheard of.

I love a mystery and hope someone has an answer!