Depends on the neigborhood. In this area, people tend to treat you will a lot of respect if you've got a big wooden tripod with an 8x10 atop it, but are suspicious when you're aiming an SLR, as if you're invading their privacy. Once a ways inland, the equivalent of our "Midwest" in California, if you set up a view camera they think you're either a terrorist or a spy for the UN and Al Gore, plotting how to confiscate their
goats and chickens. ... With kids, around here they politely wait until you're done with the shot then approach and ask to look behind the
darkcloth, and generally respond with "cooool!". With an SLR, they just think you're an uncool fuddy-duddy. But inland, kids throw rocks at you,
and teenager and rednecks spin tires at you, either way, because they don't recognize either as a camera.