I'm cross-posting this across a couple of forums in hopes of getting some answers

I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago on RFF asking about a few rangefinders. I tend to lean towards a 35mm or 28mm lens more than any other and even find the 50mm on the Retina a bit much most of the time. So on that note I'm thinking about getting into an M2 or used Bessa R2A. I have a LOT of astigmatism (I wear glasses) and contrary to what I've read I find focusing the couple of RF's I have easier than my SLR's. My problem is that my distance vision leaves a lot to be desired so I'm afraid a viewfinder like on the Bessa R4A at 0.58 is gonna not gonna be enough, even though the framelines might suit me better. I have no idea what magnification the Retina IIc is.

On to the question :

With my Retina IIc I can see the 50mm framelines without any trouble. Since I can't find an R2A or and M2 anywhere near me I was wondering if anyone could compare the Retina to them? It will really help me narrow down a bit more and make a decision.