Getting rid of equipment and odd things that I've been given by well intentioned people who found out that I'm into photography. Images attached. Paypal accepted. On multiple inquiries on any item, time stamp of message will be used to establish the order in which messages are received.

1). Gralab 300 darlroom timer. Everything works. Just a little dusty. $20.00

2). Kodak Bantam Special rangefinder 828 folder. Bellows needs replacing, shutter fire at same speed regardless of speed selected. Rangefinder works but windows are cloudy. Expired roll of 828 Kodachrome in original box included.
Enamel finish is missing in some spots. $20.00

3). Franka Rolfix 6x9/6x6 folder with case and 6x6 mask that is a little beat up but fits. Bellows is light tight, shutter fires correctly at all speeds. Lens has light cleaning marks on front element and has a scratch in the lower right corner of the front element. Scratch is not visible when aperture is closed down to f-8 or smaller. $20.00

Thanks for looking,