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The R2A doesn't have 28mm framelines, so if you like 28mm, it's not the best choice.

You can guesstimate compositions using the "whole" vf, but it is far from ideal.
Unless of course you use a hotshoe vf and just use the inbuilt vf for the rangefinder
I guess I should have worded my question better. The M2 and R2A have 35mm framelines though, while the Retina only has 50mm fixed. The Retina seems a little squinty on the viewing side, but I can see the framlines to the edges without having to roll my head around or do some contortionist act I'm afraid something like the R4A would make whatever I'm looking at so small I might have focusing problems.

If any of you have looked through a Retina IIc and also an M2 or R2A with glasses on, how would you compare the ease of seeing the framelines on the outer edge of the M2/R2A -35mm to being able to see the 50mm on the Retina. I'm trying to get a feel for if I could possibly see the 35mm framelines without having to buy one or both just to check. Some people can't see the 35mm framelines on the M2 or R2A with glasses on, but I figured the Retina might have a smaller eyepiece than either of those so it might not be a problem for me.

It's probably a futile question to actually ask as everyone's different.