I've got my Wirgin 6X6 folder for sale. This has been a very reliable camera. But right now I have to many folders and not enough time to play with them all.
The camera has the Wollensak 75mm F4.5 lens. Lens is clean, no scratches, haze or fungus. Shutter is also Wollensak 22,16,11,8,5.6,4.5. Shutter speeds seem accurate to me T,B,150,100,50 and 25. At least they sound and look right. Focusing 3.5 to infinity is smooth. Viewfinder is clean and clear, inside and out. It has mount for cable release that works, but no flash mount. Outdoors only. The camera was made supposedly by Vokar Corp. in Dexter Michigan, for Wirgin in Weisbaden Germany. The bellows have always been light tight, even with the seam separation). Separation on the bottom of the outside of the bellows, now fixed. The inner bellows are just fine. In the long run new bellows would look great on it.
Comes with half case, with short carry strap.
I'm asking $55, Paypal, or USPS M/O, shipping is $12 in the US.
Thanks for looking,