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I had been taught long ago that final exposure should follow the same series of short exposures as the test strips...ie, for a total exposure of 20 seconds, expose in 5 second increments rather than the full 20 seconds. It seems to me that perhaps the full 20 seconds would be preferable to give time for dodging and burning. What do you do? Thanks.

For me, it depends mostly on your tools and individual working style, but for the record I've never experienced any qualitative difference employing either style of printing. That may be because my exposures are always quite lengthy, any small differences in the amount of light delivered to the paper being ultimately negligible. Where it can make a difference is in the ability to keep track of dodges (particularly) and burns incrementally (i.e., 10 x 6 secs (total exposure) – 2 x 6 secs (dodge first area) – 1 x 6 secs (dodge second area) + 15 x 6 secs burn, and so on). Combined with a footswitch for the enlarger, one never needs to interrupt the process, or take eyes off the print during exposure.