Is this a Pre-Anniversary? I stole this from ebay. While the metal vertical pieces and knobs look like mine, I think the whole front part is wider. Also on mine the bottom sheetmetal piece that holds the lens board doesn't move, and this one does. So I don't think it's a Pre-Anniversary.

I looked at the catalog, discovered if you click it, a photo shows up. That RB Cycle Graphic is much fancier than mine. Way too many knobs on the bed and the focus rails are wood, where mine are steel.

Speaking of steel. The Speed Graphic on that same catalog looks really close to mine--even has the wood part under the lens board. But while that model's metal is painted a battleship grey, mine looks like it's been blued rather than painted. Except it's not blue. More confusion. Also that camera has the rails that sit on top of the bed, while rails sit in a notch or groove and sit flush with either side of the bed. (see second photo)

Oh man they do hide that serial number: 56,981