Yet another thread-resurection, I've just scored one of these, an Apo-Ronar 465 f/9 CL (actually, I misread it at first as 480mm, which is how I got here, but it's definitely 465mm/18").
I bought it thinking that if all else fails, I've got myself a very sharp macro/repro lens.

But I would like to hack it into a shutter of some sort (somehow), which is the info I'm looking for. If I can get it working it'll nicely round out my collection of 65/90/135/180/270/465. I've got enough tubes and my bellows will stretch out to (I think) 500mm, maybe I'll need to get more as I'd want to use this as a (roughly) 4:1 head/shoulders portrait lens on 4x5.

Thanks for that link Dan, good info even if the 465 isn't listed.
But if the 465 is roughly the same as the 480, then a) it covers 8x10 at infinity, which is more than enough as I've only got 4x5 (my inner-GAS is making me write the words "for now"), and b) the 480mm in that databook has a mounting thread of M90x1 (I can always hope that it's closer to the 360mm which is M72, but I doubt it).

So I'm probably looking at Packard shutters, because it's not going to fit a compur/copal/ilex of any normal size. I've not dealt with Packards before, I've seen roughly how they operate though. Are there any common pitfalls or things to watch out for buying/using them? What's the max speed I can expect to get out of them, and more importantly, are the speeds reliable or is it dependant on how long I squeeze the bulb?

I suppose if I can't get the required speeds fast enough I can use ND filters. But that's not going to do so well with portraits so I'll just have to setup short-duration flashes and/or pull the film as well.

Anyway, I never said I wanted things made easy (I suppose if I did, I'd be on dpug and not here). I'll let you know how frankencamera works out if I get this thing working...